Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me tell you about what we do at UMAAMiami Fitness Kickboxing to back up our claims:

Nine Features Which Make Our
Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Miami Work So Well!

Feature #1) techniques from Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Kickboxing
jkd_logo_bw_smallGets you light on your feet and teaches you how to be laser sharp and lightning quick in your strikes just like the master




Feature #2) techniques from Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)
THAI_BOXINGForget the treadmill… the elliptical… the walks around Baptist hospital… Muay Thai delivers the ultimate in cardio training while teaching you how to generate unbelievable power in your strikes and helps you develop phenomenal levels of endurance




Feature #3) techniques from Boxe Française Savate
savate_logoTeaches you how to deliver deadly kickboxing combinations but with the grace and elegance of a professional dancer





Feature #4) Power Ball, Power Cable, Power Ball resistance training
Offers alPower_stuffsml the resistance training you can handle by duplicating almost all the exercises you can do in the gym but with no waiting for machines or having to wipe down sweaty equipment (ugh!)



Feature #5) bodyweight techniques from Furey Combat Conditioning/Baran Bodyweight Sculpting/Sonnon Tactical Fitness/Dragon Door Convict Conditioning

bodyweight_imageDevelop strong, defined and toned muscles using the ultimate weight lifting machine, your own body weight plus builds explosive functional fitness




Feature #6) a knowledgeable, experienced, innovative instructor who actually pays attention to you

Sifu Dwight Woods

No class is ever the same… you’ll stay motivated because there’s always something new to learn… always some new twist in the basics plus you always get individual, personalized attention without having to pay big bucks.





Feature #7) “WaveMaster” (punching bag) training

Century WaveMaster Heavybag

Century WaveMaster Heavybag

This is not the “punching and kicking the air” aerobics class you find at the gyms… this is a real bag slammin’, stress releasing workout!







Feature #8) Focus mitt and kick shield partner training

A higher level of coordination and skill development… helps you learn to apply your skills with a live, moving “opponent”





Feature #9) Scenario training
You get to see how to apply what you’re learning in a typical self-defence situation, so you know you’re getting useful information

Our classes are structured so you can learn at your own pace and work at your own speed so you don’t need to worry about looking and/or feeling out of place.

We have 2 weekly evening classes and evenings so we can only accommodate a committed person’s schedule.  And unlike many other places, we are dedicated to teaching those with little or no previous experience… so you start out the right way!