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The Hottest Kickboxing, Bootcamp and Zumba Classes In Miami Can Help You...

Get Fit And Lose Weight In As Little As 2 Or 3
Weekly Classes Even If
You Don't Think You Can
Fit It Into Your Budget Or Schedule And Especially
If You've Wasted Time And Money At The Gym,
A Box Or In A Regular Bootcamp!



From the desks of: Marivel Andrickson & Dwight Woods 
Re: Using Fitness Kickboxing classes as part of your health and fitness lifestyle 

Dear Fitness Friend,

If you’ve been interested in getting in shape for a while, your email inbox is probably already full with stuff like “20 Fat-shredding Tips”, “10 Fat Loss Tips for Women & Men”, “50 Rules of Fat Burning”, etc.

So I'm not going to clutter your mailbox with any more of that stuff.

What I will send you instead is our unique "FAQ" video series which will tell you everything you need to know about the MVP Fitness Miami programs and what they will do for you as well as start teaching you basic Kickboxing techniques so you'll start feeling like a bad-ass even before you step onto the training floor.

All you need to do is put your name and email address in the box on your right and we’ll immediately send your FREE Trial Program information, your FREE video tutorials and your Consumer Guide FREE Report "How to Choose the Best Fitness Kickboxing Program For Your Best Results".

You'll also learn how you can get your first 30 days of Kickboxing, Bootcamp or Zumba Classes absolutely FREE once you've completed the Trial Program of your choice! And remember, you have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on your Trial Program, so you have nothing to worry about!

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me tell you about what we do at MVP Fitness Miami to back up our claims:

 Nine Features Which Make Our
Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Miami Work So Well!

Feature #1)  techniques from Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Kickboxing

Gets you light on your feet and teaches you how to be laser sharp and lightning quick in your strikes just like the master

Feature #2) techniques from Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Forget the treadmill... the elliptical... the walks around Baptist hospital... Muay Thai delivers the ultimate in cardio training while teaching you how to generate unbelievable power in your strikes and helps you develop phenomenal levels of endurance

Feature #3) techniques from Boxe Fran├žaise Savate

Teaches you how to deliver deadly kickboxing combinations but with the grace and elegance of a professional dancer

Feature #4) Power Cable, Power Wheel, Power Ball resistance training

Offers all the resistance training you can handle by duplicating almost all the exercises you can do in the gym but with no waiting for machines or having to wipe down sweaty equipment (ugh!)

Feature #5) bodyweight techniques from Furey Combat Conditioning/Baran Bodyweight Sculpting/Sonnon Tactical Fitness/Dragon Door Convict Conditioning

Develop strong, defined and toned muscles using the ultimate weight lifting machine, your own body weight plus builds explosive functional fitness

Feature #6) knowledgeable, experienced, innovative instructors who actually pay attention to you

No class is ever the same... you'll stay motivated because there's always something new to learn... always some new twist in the basics plus you always get individual, personalized attention without having to pay big bucks

Feature #7) "WaveMaster" (punching bag) training

This is not the "punching and kicking the air" aerobics class you find at the gyms... this is a real bag slammin', stress releasing workout!

Feature #8) Focus mitt and kick shield partner training

A higher level of coordination and skill development... helps you learn to apply your skills with a live, moving "opponent"
Feature #9) Scenario training

You get to see how to apply what you're learning in a typical self-defence situation, so you know you're getting useful information

Our classes are structured so you can learn at your own pace and work at your own speed so you don't need to worry about looking and/or feeling out of place.

We have 10 weekly classes mornings and evenings so we can accommodate everyone's schedule.


 Do NOT sign up for any Miami
Fitness Kickboxing Workout program unless it meets the following SIX criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the martial art fitness field. I want to give you six (6) criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

 Criterion #1. Variety of techniques... Miami Fitness Kickboxing has a base system of 128 techniquesfitness kickboxing classes Miami

 Criterion #2. Variety of training methods... there's Solo training (two types) and Partner training (two types)

 Crieterion #3. Knowledgeable, understanding, caring instructors... whose job is to learning and sweating environment for you

 Criterion #4. Flexible class schedules... morning and evening classes... Basics, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes

 Criterion #5. Emphasis on the 3 Fundamentals of Fitness... Strength, Flexibility, Endurance... but note that Miami Fitness Kickboxing adds three (3) more fundamentals... Mobility, Agility and Strong Mental Attitude

 Criterion #6. Impact training... no punching and kicking the air only

 At Miami Fitness Kickboxing
you get at least 10 times
your money's worth!

Naturally, you might still have some questions. Call the Academy hotline at 305 595-2892 and one of our helpful staff members will set up a convenient time for you to visit our school so we can answer your questions in detail. That's right... everything you need to know about Kickboxing classes in Miami, we've got the answer!

 Click here to get started right now!

To sign up for your Fitness Kickboxing program just call the Academy at 305 595-2892 or come see us at 13260 SW 120th Street. That's 120th Street and 132nd Court just west of the BP gas station in the Kendall Park Commercial Center. Or click here to take advantage of our great web specials!

To your success,

Marivel Andrickson    
Program Manager   
MVP Fitness Miami  

P.S. Remember, we accept a limited number of people into this program every month, so don't delay. Act now while it's fresh on your mind.    




Miami Fitness Kickboxing members speak out!

I would never have believed!

My start with Miami Fitness Kickboxing was almost unintentional.
I would never have believed after the first time I had a cardio kick-boxing class that my evenings of relaxing over dinner and television would be replaced with sweating, punching, and kicking.
I fell into the school almost by accident. I was a member of the Weight Watchers classes that were held in the same shopping center, a couple of doors down from Miami FKB.
My niece, who came to a meeting with me one day decided instead to watch a kick boxing class.
I figured it could be a wonderful aunt-niece bonding experience, and a great way to lose weight if I liked the class.
I crawled out of the first class and managed to find the strength to drive home. I loved the pain! So I went back again and again.
Once, after threatening to never come back because I didn’t seem coordinated enough to keep up with the class, I weighed myself and realized I was consistently losing weight.
I have since quit Weight Watchers, having lost 22 pounds, and continue to go to
kickboxing on an average of 4 times a week. I’m on my fourth year. I love seeing
muscles in my arms, legs and stomach. I thrive on trying to keep up with the younger students. I feel empowered when I do a punch or kick correctly. I project confidence when walking down almost any street because I believe I can do at least
one punch or kick to defend myself if necessary.
Needless to say, I highly recommend this life altering commitment.

Sheree Tepperman

Don't hesitate and put this off... Do it NOW!

"The Miami Fitness Kickboxing classes have enhanced my overall health and well-being by reducing stress and tension and improving my concentration and body awareness.
As a physical therapist, I would not hesitate to recommend this program to patients/clients with specific musculoskeletal injuries and diagnoses.
Not only does fitness kickboxing cultivate flexibility, strength, and endurance of muscles, it also incorporates postures and movement patterns that have a therapeutic meaning."

Beatriz Rodriguez

I'm still "sticking" it out

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been seven years since I joined Miami Fitness Kickboxing. I guess you can say I am not getting younger, to which I would respond “just a little bit less young”. Then again, biological age doesn’t necessarily has to be directly related to your real age.

I distinctly remember seeing a TV ad about Miami Fitness Kickboxing classes. Although the commercial wasn’t Super Bowl material, it got my attention and I decided to find out what it was they offered. I was only 53 years young at the time, & was in search of some kind of physical activity that would help me improve my physical fitness.

It wasn’t easy at the start, but Sifu Dwight & his staff were very supportive and suggested I go at my “own pace”. I could only work out for about 20 minutes at the start, but in a few months I was up to a half hour, then 40 minutes & now 50 to 55 (I still don’t do many of the floor exercises at the end of the hour because by that time I am usually exhausted) The fact that my wife Olga also joined Miami FKB a few years after I did has also helped me to persevere.
I have seen many people come & go during the past seven years, many of them half my age, but I am still “sticking out”. I recently took an online test to determine one’s “real” age, as opposed to biological age. The results show that I am five years younger than I am supposed to be.
There is no doubt in my mind that Miami FKB has been a big contributor to these results. Is there anything better than doing something you enjoy & that is also good for you?
I want to express my sincerest thanks to Sifu Dwight & his team of capable instructors.

William and Olga Wong