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Take these two steps and use Fitness Kickboxing Classes
to get yourself in the best shape of your life!!

Now I’m going to give you three steps so you can get started with us today:

First Step is to check our kickboxing classes schedule by clicking here.
You’ll see there are several classes per week so scheduling is never a problem. You’ll see also that classes are divided into Basics, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Unlike other schools we’re not going to throw you into just any class.
Instead we’re going to start you in a fast-paced, high intensity but still basic kickboxing class. .

Second Step is to take advantage of our web special which can get you 1 Private trial lesson and 4 group classes and we’ll give you as a reward your own pair of professional boxing gloves. All just for enrolling in our web special below:

Miami FKB Trial Program with FREE Boxing Gloves

And remember, all of “Miami FKB’s” Trial Programs
have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and include
a FREE pair of professional Boxing Gloves!


If, (heaven forbid!) you decide for some reason that we are not the best workout choice for you, then every penny of your Trial Program fee will be refunded to you.

So go ahead and take action today… click the PayPal link below and just fill out the special form and one of our Team members will contact in a few minutes to schedule your first class.

Miami FKB Trial Program with FREE Boxing Gloves

So take action today… once you’ve securely used Paypal to make your payment one of our staff members will give you a call in about half an hour to schedule your first class.

Now if you’ve been looking for a workout that’s going to help you lose that last 5 to 10 lbs that you’ve been hanging on to since the holidays, if you want to develop the confidence to know that you can protect yourself in any situation or if you’re just looking for something that will help you to get off the treadmill, then this is your new workout!

So click through to PayPal, sign up for the web special and we’ll see you in class this week.

Miami FKB Trial Program with FREE Boxing Gloves